Come indulge in the Baja experience and enjoy authentic Mexican food, wineries, culture, beaches, horseback riding and crafts made by the local artisans.

The Pursuit of tranquility, while melding nature’s energy with the love of Spanish revival.

Meticulously detailed in design, the property facilitates the movement of people and the flow of energy that leads one through the 5 senses.

We share the experience of our lives, from ideas to design; it all is represented in our estate.

Drift from bar to bar, relax in the jacuzzi with 20 friends, enjoy endless putting and chipping, savor the sweet smells of gourmet cooking, and indulge in free streaming of a favorite show.

Your Private Villa

Privacy is the key word when entering our lavish estate with a 24 hour security guard and parking for all guests. Although you are entering one estate, in essence you are acquiring 15 individual villa retreats to share. Rooms have been beautifully furnished with king size beds, sitting areas, private balconies and unique individually designed bathrooms.

15Luxury Bedrooms
18000Estate Building Size
325Ocean Front Footage
57000Stories Created at Villa
Perfect Environment

Whether it is relaxing by listening the rolling stones that are shifting in the tide on our beach, or the waiting for the flash of green at sunset with 40 of your best friends, or waiting to hear “I do” during a ceremony on our rolling grass lawn - Villa del Paraiso is perfect for whatever story you want to create.